What Do You Need To Know About Flashing Beacon Light


For many years, a flashing beacon light has played a vital role in safety and security. This is a signalling tool that is used in numerous conditions, such as in aerial navigation, defensive communications, marine, guiding vehicles and more. As for seafarers and mariners, lighthouses correlate with smoothing sailing. The light produced by beacon can point them to locations, such as if they are already in the main point coastline, sunken reefs, treacherous waters, and more.

If you are planning to get a flashing beacon light, but aren’t that aware of what it is, then keep reading. This article will provide you with more information about this thing.

Volunteer first

If you are driving and you see a vehicle with a flashing light on its dash, grill or pull-down visor – would you know what to do? In several places, beacons may be utilised by a volunteer first responder, including a fire-fighter, to indicate that they are responding to a call.

Courtesy only

Usually, beacons are used as a courtesy only, and it does not grant the volunteer first respond any authorities that an emergency vehicle would have, such as the authority to proceed through a red traffic light, surpass the speeding limit, or take priority through a stop sign. The use of sounding devices such as sirens is also not permitted for volunteer first responders. Drivers are not required to pull out of the way when they see a flashing light, but it could allow the first responder to arrive at their destination that much sooner, and every second count. They can be given the right-of-way if it is safe to do so. In case the driver pulled over and allowed the vehicle to pass through, it is a sign of courtesy.

Steady burning light

Steady burning light is a type of beacon light, which is the simplest one among everything. It is often a white light to clearly see what emergency workers are doing on the scene. Steady burning lights are usually incorporated with rotating or flashing lights to display emergency vehicles.

Rotation light

This type of beacon light contains a single, stationary bulb or lamp which creates rotating beams of light. Plastic domes cover the light to prevent it from destroying the beacon parts. Usually in solid colours with a rotating mirror to give multiple flashing effects.

Beacon colours matters

You might question if the colour of the beacon really matters because, at some point, all of these are used for safety and security. What you should know is that different colours have different meanings. Moreover, there are colours that are restricted to utilise in public places and even in law enforcement cars. It is necessary for you to know first your purpose before choosing and buying the best colour for your application.

Construction vehicles

Beacons – especially green ones – are the best being practice on construction vehicles. It signals that the operator is wearing a seatbelt. Also, this has been adopted in a broader range of construction products by private businesses and highways. Flashing beacon can be used on plant machinery when they are working on-site, or at works on the road as any area closed off is no longer as being part of the highway. These set the health and safety requirements for items of operated plant that are used frequently in civil engineering projects. Construction or agricultural worker must remember to disconnect the green beacon when their vehicle takes to the highway.

On the road

A beacon on the road can be the sign of a medical professional who needs to let you know they are in a hurry but cannot contravene traffic regulations (usually green ones). But it does not mean that the vehicles that use green lights are exempted to road traffic act. Doctors who use these flashing lights cannot proceed through a red traffic signal or cannot even exceed to speed limits. There is a particular colour of light used by the doctors to be exempted to such road traffics.

With all the information about flashing beacon light mentioned above, you are now probably well-aware of what it is and how you can use it. From your safety to providing you security, these are something you want to consider buying. You just have to make sure that you find the best seller who can deliver the highest quality product. So that you can enjoy the product for a very long time, getting what is worth your money.